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Springtime means Rôtisserie

Springtime sees the return of authentic Rôtisserie dishes to our menu & you can collect whole chickens to enjoy at home. (Pre-ordering is a must).

A family business located just outside the western city of Nantes – Dorégrill are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of French Rôtisserie ovens. They have been producing bespoke ovens since 1950.

Our grain-fed, free-range, Norfolk chickens are brined for 24 hours before they enter the oven. The brining process locks in moisture and reduces shrinkage during cooking. We use a salt-based brine, with aromatics of bay leaf, black peppercorn and seasonal herbs.

You can collect our chickens from:

6PM - 9PM

Monday - Saturday

Pre-order by 2:30PM on the same day


Whole Chicken                £15

Jim’s Fat Chips               £4

French Fries                   £4

Mixed Salad                    £4